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Friday, September 24, 2010

Labor Day Tour

We took a trip to Wisconsin to visit family and we had a great day on Labor day riding the back roads in a model T. Ron & Kathy had their model A (with only 2 seats) so they got us a ride with a friend in his T. It was a lot of fun

This was our ride! Open air and all.

Ron & Kathy's car & I can't remember who has the yellow one below.

On another note, We brought back some corn stalks from our trip so I could use them for Fall decorations. They still had some corn on them so I put out an ear for the squirrels. It's been out there for a week and they haven't touched it. I can't believe it. Maybe they know that corn fattened squirrels make good dumpling companions. Or maybe they just have too many acorns and can't be bothered with corn!

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