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Monday, October 25, 2010

Challenging Challenges

I have made a few cards the last few days for the Weekly Inkling Challenges and they have been very challenging for me. Nothing seems to translate onto paper exactly as I see it in my head. But I'm trying. Some I sort of like and others I don't like too much. Here are a few of the latest tries.

This card was for the Technique Lovers Challenge #290

This card is for the Clean & Simple #84

This one is for the Free 4 All #34

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  1. Oh I love the cards you made. I love scrapbooking but haven't made cards yet. So many crafts...so little time!

    Glad you liked my burlap bag. I would make two changes to it..in fact this week I will redo it. I would round the corners a bit like I did in this pillow tutorial:
    so the corners aren't to "dog-eared" and I would interface the handles (I've purchase a pretty stiff interfacing) and I would add at least one pocket into the lining. These changes will be easy and I will do them to all future bags. Please let me see what you do with yours! I will have to update this post because about 10 other bloggers have made this pattern and blogged about it! Makes me wonder have made it and NOT blogged about it!
    I would have responded directly to your email but it was a "" address. Glad I noticed that this time before typing a lot.

    Good luck...it's a very easy project..shouldn't take you long to make it at all!